Network Emulation

Checking the constraints


enos tc --test

will generate various reports to validate the constraints. They are based on fping and flent latency and bandwidth measurements respectively. The reports will be located in the result directory.


  • default_delay, default_rate, default_loss are mandatory
  • To disable the network constraints you can specify enable: false under the network_constraints key and launch again enos tc
  • To exclude a group from any tc rule, you can add an optionnal except key to the network_constraints:
  enable: true
  default_delay: 25ms
  default_rate: 100mbit
  default_loss: 0%
    - src: grp[1-3]
      dst: grp[4-6]
      delay: 10ms
      rate: 1gbit
      symetric: true
    - grp1