Setting enable_monitoring: true in the configuration file will deploy a monitoring stack composed of:

  • Cadvisor and Collectd agents
  • InfluxDB for metrics collection
  • Graphana for the visualization / exploration

All these services are accessible on their default ports. For instance you’ll be able to access grafana dashboards on port 3000 of the node hosting grafana.

Some dashboards are available here.




Enos embeds an Ansible plugin to add annotations in Grafana. These annotations are marked points which provide rich information about events when hovered over. Enos uses the ansible.cfg file that loads the plugin. The plugin can be disabled by editing the line callback_whitelist = influxdb_events in the ansible.cfg. Note also that the plugin is automaticaly disabled when the monitoring tools are not deployed (i.e. when enable_monitoring = false is set in the configuration file).

Once the deployment is finished, a compatible dashboard must be used in Grafana to display annotations. An example of such dashboard is available here.