Connect to the frontend of your choice. Then, refer to the Getting Started section to install Enos.


The provider relies on cluster names to group the wanted resources. For example the following is a valid resources description :

provider: g5k

    control: 1
    network: 1
    compute: 10


We suggest you to run the deployment from a dedicated node (especially for large deployment). For now the recommended way to do so is to reserve one node prior of your reservation. In the case of an interactive deployment:

frontend) oarsub -I -l 'walltime=2:00:00'
node) source venv/bin/activate
node) <edit configuration>
node) enos deploy

Enos will need to access the G5K api from this node. In order to do so you need to instruct execo to use the external endpoint of the API :

cat ~/

g5k_configuration = {
    'api_username': '<your login>',
    'api_uri': "",

You will be asked for your password at start.

Default provider configuration

The provider comes with the following default options :

  type: g5k
  name: Enos
  walltime: 02:00:00
  env_name: jessie-x64-min
  reservation: None
  vlans: '{rennes: "{type=kavlan}/vlan=1"}'
  role_distribution: strict
  single_interface: false
  user: root

They can be overriden in the configuration file.